Saturday, November 17, 2012

Speak up!

Like we said before we are just some teens trying to stop abortion. Well i have be thinking a LOT about that. And you know Obama is not just going to stop abortion because "some teens don't like it"! To stop abortion we need everybody! Because Obama does not care if its just 100 people, no no we need 1,000,00! But anyway right now we (in know way) could totally stop abortion, and that's okay (I mean its really not but you know what I mean) because stoping abortion does not mean just talking to Obama, it means talking to people who need to know someone is there for them. So if you have a friend who might/wants to have a abortion talk to them! Tell them want you would want a loved one to tell you!

P.s just because your not commenting does not mean I can't still tell your reading this blog;) So speak up!

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