Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Right now.

You know I can say i'm a pro life person all I want, but do I really try to stop it? Well right now I i'm trying to stop abortion, but some years back I was not. I mean I was pro life and all but I just talked the talk and did not walk the walk. What I mean to say is you can say your pro life till you blue in the face but what do you really do about? Well most of you, probably nothing. And it does not mean you don't care but it so easy to be sitting on the couch watching TV when you friend asks you "are you pro life" well it so super easy to say "yes, I am" but do you really mean it? What are you really doing about it? And I do mean stop what your doing right now and go do something to make the wold a better place (and i don't mean like...totally re-doing your life) but just start by telling your friends who don't know that much about abortion, about how it does effect people. 


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