Friday, December 28, 2012

The Feast of the Holy Innocents

Today, in the Catholic Church, is the feast of the holy innocents. Today we remember all the precious innocent babies who lost their lives because Herod mistook them for Christ... we also remember all the innocent children who lose their lives every day because of abortion, neglect, starvation; and in particular we are remembering those precious children who lost their lives in the massacre that happened two weeks ago.

Even in you're not Catholic, please pray for all the innocent lives lost.

Also, here is the first letter that I've written to the President. What do you think?

President Barack Obama,

My name is ____ _____. I am ___ years old and live in ______. I am part of the Lifesavers, a group my friends and created to stand up for all the unborn babies in danger of abortion.
The recent tragedy in Connecticut is awful, and I can't stand thinking about it, but it's hard, because we do nearly the same thing to thousands of babies every day. We invade a supposedly safe, secure, loving protection, and we slaughter the living, innocent child inside. The difference between the massacre and abortion? Abortion is LEGAL.
Shouldn't a mothers womb be the most safe, private place in the world? If we are invading something so sacred, why are we surprised when a school is broken into?
I think that abortion is one of the most evil things in the world. Why? Because it murders children, small, sweet, defenseless children with no voice to speak up. Just like those precious little kids who lost their lives in the shooting.
Mr. President, please think about this. How can we expect these mass murders to stop when mothers and doctors are killing children? When many, many influential people stand up for the killing? Again, please, please think about this.

-____ _____

PS. Please go to our blog, website, and Youtube channel (And then I'll put the link, etc).

A couple weeks ago at church the priest said something that really made me think about life. We don't respect it (When I say we I mean most of America). We kill unborn babies. Children and teenagers are abused every day. We will even kill criminals and older people who are in pain and who want to leave this world. This world needs A LOT more respect for life! Life of all ages! Life of all kinds!

I believe that every person is on this earth for a reason. Basically, it's all for the same reason, to live for and give glory to God, but we can all do that different ways. Some may start a big organization to help end world hunger. Some may enter to religious life. Some may live a loud life by becoming involved in many ministries. Some may live a quiet life and raise children to love the Lord. Some may be a group of teenagers trying to stop abortion.

The point is, even the worst of people are here for a purpose, but most bad people don't realize it. There will always be sin in the world, and evil will always happen, and when it does people need to be punished for it, but we shouldn't end a life that could help a bunch of people. A criminal could completely change his life around, but we may not give him the chance.

The same goes for unborn babies. They could accomplish something amazing, but those who are aborted don't get that chance. The worse part? We're killing innocent children who have done nothing wrong.

Let's all make a commitment right now to have a greater respect for life. We shouldn't wish death on anyone, no matter what horrid crime they committed. We should stand up for everyone, but especially those without a voice.

Please pray for all the families affected by the awful Connecticut shooting.


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