Friday, January 25, 2013

Making the hard decisions

I have some great news. Finally, I know!

So a 26-year old lady in the UK gives birth twice in 8 months. Claire Ormrod was pregnant with a girl named Alice, then she had a emergency caesarean section 25 weeks on December 6, 2011. Alice weighed 1 pound, 3 ounces, and doctors didn’t think she would survive. But she did. And 7 weeks later (despite being on the birth control pill) she got pregnant again. In september 2012 she gave birth to her son Gareth. He was born early too. He weighed 2 pounds. After finding out she was pregnant again she was pretty scared, her doctor said that she could die from this because of her last birth and to just get a abortion, but she said no. And in end every turned out okay. She is well at home with her 2 new babies. Isn't that amazing? Now she could have picked the easier/healthier way out and not take the risk of dyeing, but she didn't because she loved her baby to much. 

70% of women get abortion because the baby will effect there lives too much. And the truth is yes, a baby is going to need lots of caring for! But trust me, it's so worth it! Feeling there little heart beat, stocking there soft hair. Babies are a blessing. 

Anyways me and Charity were not able to go on the march for life, but we still made posters. How about making your own? You don't need poster board! Just paper! Get creative, put a really good pro life quote on it. Or put your own thoughts on abortion on it. Whatever! And send them in, if there really good we will put them on our blog! 

Oh and i'm Adopting an unborn baby. Don't have a name yet but I will post when I do!

*March for life photos, videos, posters to come:)

*If you didn't already read it, scroll down to read this other new post.


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