Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pregnancy Resource Centers

Hi everyone!
A couple of days ago Faith and I went to our local pregnancy resource center to volunteer. In our area, a bunch of churches give out baby bottles that people fill up with change, and all the money goes to this resource center.

Our PRC is awesome! I didn't know all they did for life! I mean, obviously the baby bottle thing was cool, but it goes far beyond that.

All of the boxes we labeled and organized!
They have parenting classes. A little baby boutique so that the mom's can come every four months. Car seats, cribs, blankets, diapers, formula, toys. Ultrasounds. And everything is for free.

Thanks to the wonderful free ultrasounds, 93% of the abortion-minded woman who come in there decide to choose life and keep their baby! And then PRC supplies them with all the necessities (Look above). Isn't that just awesome?


But they rely only on donations, because they aren't government funded.
If you have a local pregnancy resource center, donate some of your money, or volunteer there! I bet they need it.

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