Friday, March 15, 2013

We're getting there!

Hello everyone!

We haven't posted anything in *goes to check* almost two months! Sorry about that! We've been busy. I have a letter idea and a few post ideas, I just never get around to doing them....

But, today as I sat down at the computer, I saw a headline on my mother's news page the caught my eye.

TOUGH ON ABORTION: North Dakota passes most restrictive abortion bills in nation.

I hurriedly clicked on it, and what I saw makes my heart soar. To read the full article, click here {I suggest you read it. There are some great quotes!} If you wanna skip that, I'll tell you what it says:

Last week, Arkansas made it illegal to have an abortion over 12 weeks. This week, North Dakota made a rule even stricter: you can't have an abortion over 5 weeks. This will make gender-selected and genetic-affect abortions impossible, since you can't tell what sex your baby is or if it has any special needs.

Other states are doing things to help make abortion illegal, too. Oklahoma introduced a "personhood bill", which will ban abortions by defining human life as beginning with conception.

You see, readers? We're getting there! Little by little we are working to make abortion illegal! I just know that someday people will look back on this dark time and say, "people actually did that?", just like we do now with Hitler killing thousands of Jews.

Here is a list of future posts I intend to write (If some things don't make sense to you, just bear with me until I write the post).


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