Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Random Essay

Hey everyone!

I had to write a dialogue for school "in which one of the characters explains and clarifies an important moral point rooted in one of the Ten Commandments". I decided to do commandment #6-- Thou shalt not kill-- and write about abortion. Hope you like it!

The two friends, Lizzie and Serena, met up at the door, all ready for youth group. Serena was so excited because the head of their local pregnancy resource center was coming to talk. After a Bible reading, activity, and reflection, the woman finally got up to speak. Once she finished her speech, the group adjourned.
            “That was a really great speech,” Serena said as they started to walk home.
            “I suppose so,” Lizzie replied, “but I don’t really agree with it. I think a woman should have the right to have an abortion. After all, it’s not a baby, only a blob of cells.”
            “But Lizzie, it is a baby. There are a bunch of things that prove it.”
            “Like what?”
            “Well,” Serena said, “the heart starts to beat at 18 days after conception, and everything with a beating heart is considered living. A baby’s brain waves can be detected at six weeks, and it can feel pain by nine weeks. In the just fourth week, many of its major organs like the liver, lungs, pancreas, and stomach, begins to form.

“Okay, but it still doesn’t look like one. And it’s inside its mothers body, and she should be able to do what she wants with her body.”
            “Just because it doesn’t look like a human doesn’t mean it’s not one. If a child with special needs is born looking different, does that mean it’s not human? Or how about a soldier whose face has been brutally burned and distorted, does that mean he’s not human, either?”
            “Well… no.”
            “And yes, it’s inside its mother’s body, but that doesn’t mean it’s a part of its mothers body. The baby has its own body, too, which you shouldn’t be permitted to kill. Besides, if you kill a pregnant woman you would be charged for two murders.”
            “Okay, so the baby’s a person. But you have to think of the life he would have,” Lizzie countered. “What if its mother couldn’t afford to take good care of him? Then he would grow up poor and starving.”
            “If she can’t afford to take good care of him, the mother should give him up for adoption. There are a lot of couples out there who can’t have kids, and adoption is their only way to have a family. Frankly, I think most teen moms should give their children up for adoption, so that their kids can have a mother and a father. It would also be a lot less stress on the birth mom.”
            “That’s true… and, since the baby is a human, when you have an abortion you would kill it, which means you violate the sixth commandment,”
            “Thou shalt not kill,” Serena finished her sentence. By now they had reached their parting way.
            “Thanks, Serena, for telling me all this stuff. I already have a bunch of ideas on pro-life volunteering work we can do. Bye!”
            “Bye, Lizzie! I can’t wait to hear your plans! See you!” Serena continued on her way home, smiling to herself.
I'm working on a three-part adoption series. It'll be coming soon!


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