Friday, June 28, 2013



I'm shore you all read our other lastest post "brace yourself", and well I'd like to talk a little more about that.

First, I'd like to say that when I saw that StarBucks suports abortion I pretty much cried. I am a very big coffee fan. Actually that's a understatement. I live for coffee. So StarBucks is like heven to me. And I spent a lot of time thinking "what am I going to do?!?!" and well after talkin got my dad I think I know.

I am still going to drink StarBucks.

Let's just say I'm mad. Like really mad. They're killing these babies and now I can't drink coffee?? No, no no no. I am not letting them take two great things in this world away from me. But I am doing two things. First, I am giving up my dream of working there. And seconde, I vow that I will only drink they're coffee while they only suport abortion. But if they start giving some money to planned parenthood, well that's when I'll stop buying.

Now a lot of you might say "I thought you were going to do everything you cn to stop planned parenthood?!?!" And for me, giveing up something I love will not do anything. But I can say one thing, I will die fighting. I will never stop fighting this barbaric, horrible thing. Put me in jail, hang me, shoot me, but I will never stop fighting to save babies. Even if it's just one a year. I will fight.

Also, me anChastity has been acting like you need to be Christian to help. And that's sooooooooo wrong. It doesn't matter what you believe. Cause I think a lot of people do believe killing harmless babies for no reason is wrong. So please don't just stop reading this blog if we say something about our faith. I mean this is a free country and it is our faith but just know you don't need to believe in our God to know what's really wrong and right. 

P.s We were talking about getting a Instagram. It seems a lot of people are into that now. So, should we get one? Vote!!!!


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