Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This story... Wow

Hey guys!

Sorry we've been kind of MIA. Except Hope. She's been good ;)

Anyways I need to pu on my thinking cap and start to write some letters or post a cool story or something, but until then I'll leave you with these two awesome stories.

This girl wrote prolife on her hand all summer and people asked her about it every time she went out. I totally want to try that! Anyway back to the point,  she put 5 reasons why abortion is wrong. I definitely suggest reading it!

And this woman wrote an article on how the doctor told her to "evacuate her dead unborn baby" because he couldn't find a heartbeat, but she didn't and now she has a bouncy little two year old!

Sorry this post is so short. I promise I'll get some good ideas soon! Have a great day!


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