Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just Try to Stop Us

Here's a cool story.

An amusement park a little bit away is having a "walk for life", hosted by our local pregnancy resource center. It looks really cool and I wish my family and I could make it, but we can't :( I did get to design a poster for it, though!

Today while I was trying to print it out so I could give it to someone who is going to blow it up, I was having issues with the printer. It kept on stopping in the middle of the print, and I probably went through 5 or 6 pieces of paper, which is a HUGE waste of ink and paper. I was getting really discouraged, and after a while it crossed my mind "maybe God is stopping it because something is wrong with the poster".
"Oh that's ridiculous," I told myself. "How could I misspell something so simple?" After another failed print, though, I double checked, and sure enough, I forgot to add some facts that I needed! As soon as I did that it printed!

But then I realized I printed the wrong one.

So I tried again and again, but the printer was acting up again. I decided to take a break and go paint my nails (hehe), and when I came back to try again I was sure it would work, but it didn't. I started thinking about God stopping it for some reason again, but my mind jumps from thing to thing so it went from "I misspelled something" to "God doesn't want me to participate in this". But after a while, He cleared my mind. Of course He wants me to do this, I thought. He cares about these babies more than anyone. So I decided that someone else was stopping the printer-- Satan.

I clicked print and restarted the computer, and while it restarted I said a series of prayers. I ended with "God, kick Satan's butt."

Legit, as soon as I finished and did the sign of the cross, it started printing. And it printed the whole entire paper.

Why am I telling you this, I may ask?

On our pro-life journey, many things are going to try and stop us. People, pressure, printers, etc. But we can't back down. We have to keep on trying to spread the word: abortion is taking the life of an innocent child! Many people really think that the baby is just a blob of cells, but we have science and God to back us up that it's a living person.

I really think that the end of abortion is near. Together we can do it! Just try to stop us!


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