Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Job Won't Be Over

What if abortion ends in our lifetime? Can you imagine how awesome that would be?

But our job wouldn't be over yet. There would still be you teen moms, single mothers, and even married ones who need help.

We would have to start organizations who help these woman. If someone had a child with special needs, they might need equipment, information, etc. on how to care for the baby. Single moms will need jobs, baby items, and maybe even housing.

While we're working on making abortion illegal, we should also be thinking of ideas on what we should do once it ends, because our job won't be over. Maybe if we show America the alternative to abortion- adoption- and give these young woman some encouragement, these single-mom centers will become a reality and abortion nothing but a dark past.

I plan on writing a letter to the president about this. Will you all help me? If you think of any ideas on what we can do after abortion is illegal, please email them to



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